About Me

About Karen

If you are truly looking to hire a REALTOR® who will help you get your property noticed in today’s complicated market you have come to the right place!  I am committed to helping you sell your home.  I am not a "one size fits all" Realtor.  Anyone can bring a sign for the yard, snap a few photos, and put it on the mls.  The difference I will bring to you is a plan that will seek to work with the unique aspects of your home and will utilize all the utilities available to me to get your property noticed.  Some of those utilities include the various websites available in today’s market such as my own personal website, social media (used with tact and integrity), virtual tours, digital technology strategically placed throughout the community that your property is located in and digital outreach in further out markets to which your property may appeal. 

One huge step in getting your property appropriately noticed is to help you and me look at your property through the eyes of the buyer.  Although there are many aspects of your home that are precious to you, we need to find those particular things that a buyer will most likely focus on in a positive way and bring those features to the surface of the listing.  Maybe you would like to seek the advice of someone who could help you stage your home from a 3rd party standpoint?  Maybe you would like to see what the most important repair issue may be and would like to do a pre-market inspection?  All of these concerns and any others you may have will be my concerns too.  We can bring these out and address them at the start and get focused on what it will take to sell your home as soon as possible for the best possible price.

I have more than 12 years of real estate sales experience.  I have sought out the most professional and most experienced team of service providers in my market place to get your home marketed, sold and closed.  I can provide you with all sorts of market information free that you will need to properly make informed decisions.  I can put you in touch with seasoned professionals who can address your concerns when you would like a 2nd or even 3rd opinion.