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The link above is a great article on the uselessness of open houses in today's market.  Is your agent selling you on the fact that they will do open houses?  How many homes that they are sitting in have sold in the past year to someone that came in their open house?  Is the agent sitting themselves or is it an agent that is working under them on a team trying to get a new prospect for just anything? 

Opening your home in today's market invites the general public into your home.  Who is the general public?  EVERYONE.  There is no way to see before they begin looking at your home if they are "pre-qualified", if they are already working with another agent, if they actually considering buying, etc.  Many open house visitors are your neighbors that just want to see your house, strangers, and people looking for decorating ideas. 

Today's buyers start searching for their home on line.  If you want a buyer for your home make sure your agent has a great online presence and follows up with prospects promptly. 


Homes in Hampton Cove


If you are interested in purchasing in the Hampton Cove area near Huntsville, here is a direct link to homes available in that area.  http://www.karenharrisonsellshuntsville.com/owens-cross-roads-al-homes-for-sale.aspx

Click on a specific neighborhood or if you don't see your neighborhood look through by price below the neighborhood listings. 

During the last 2 months of 2014 75 homes sold in this area.  Don't put off your purchase or sell waiting for the holidays to pass.  Our inventory is lower and homes are going under contract daily.  Now is the perfect time to purchase with record low interest rates that are looking to begin an increase.  This is also optimal time to sell with lower inventory and lower interest rates. 

What Is Your Home Worth In Today's Real Estate Market


Click on the link below and let me know a little about your home and I will email you with some preliminary information about what your homes value may be.  In order to do a more complete analysis it would be necessary to set an appointment and take a minute to come out and view your property.  If you would like me to come and view your property and do a complete analysis please contact me at 256-226-5062 or by email at kjharrison32@yahoo.com.  I look forward to putting my marketing skills to work for you to help you sell your home in today's complicated market.

What Is My Home's Value


Our inventory is lower than it has been in a long while and your property has a better opportunity to sell in today's market than ever before while interest rates are hovering around all time lows. 

Get My Property Noticed


How do I get my property in front of my buyer?  This is the question that everyone wants the answer to.  People want to see their property advertised everywhere.  In today's tech world EVERYONE searches on line.  If they are not in front of a computer they are on a smart phone.  RE/MAX has a real estate app, Zillow has one, Trulia too and so does Realtor.com and the list goes on and on.  No matter what the on line avenue is the prospective buyer is taking the first biggest step you can take is to list your home with a realtor.  Why list your property with a realtor?  Well first and foremost the realtor puts your property on the MLS. Today's MLS's are syndicated to various websites and alternative sites other than just the usual.  So just by having your listing in place your listing goes to many on line venues.  When selecting your realtor see if they have or are using other on line venues.  Talk with them about their advertising program. See what they are doing to stand out and to get their properties noticed.  Today's buyer looks at the internet first!!! You got to be there. 

Guntersville Photos


Guntersville is a lake front community just south of Huntsville.  Lots of activities and shopping!!  Great place to live!

Home Inspections for Seller's


Home Inspections are so important.  If you are selling a home your buyer will more than likely have one done.  It is a nervous waiting process.  So hoping all goes well and nothing comes up at last minute.  Why not go ahead and get a home inspection up front??

Guide to Home Inspections

This can certainly eleviate much of the anticipation.  The buyer may still get their own inspection with their inspector of choice.  But, if you have already done your own inspection you will know what to expect.  If there are any issues you will know about them and have the opportunity to address them up front.  Offer a copy of the inspection and a copy of any work that has been done to your realtor.  While your realtor cannot offer this to a buyer as "all they need".  It can help your buyer feel better about the process and moving forward.  If there are areas of concern this will allow you the opportunity to pick your own contractor and negotiate your own price to fix the concern up front. 

What Do You Think I Can Get For My Property?


When I go on a listing appointment the very first question is "what do you think you can get me for my property?"  At the end of the day your home is worth what someone is willing to pay.  A good way to measure what someone might be willing to pay for your property is to look at similar sales in similar neighborhoods or in your own neighborhood and see what those homes sold for.  Although the market is starting to pick up and take a turn, many times sellers find themselves wanting more for their property than what it will bring.  The result is that the realtor agrees to put it on the market for the higher price and then it sits and nothing happens.  The realtor seldom calls and there is no activity to report.  Meanwhile other properties in the area are seeing sold signs and the seller becomes frustrated.  The realtor may remind the seller that the other properties are not selling for this high of a price.  The seller feels that their property has improvements over the other properties making it worth more money.  Some improvements will help your property bring a little more money but for the most part buyers just don't see those improvements with the same eyes the seller sees them.  If you are a seller and your property has been on the market more than 90 days with no showings more than likely it is your price.  If you have had showings and the prospects don't like the condition you either have to modify the condition or lower the price.  Will modifying the condition cost more than lowering the price?  Will the home sell for more when you modify the condition?  Meet with your realtor and look at your home through a buyers eye.  Remove yourself and your personal attachment from the situation as much as possible and put yourself in the buyers situation.  Look at the competition around you.  What do you need to do to make your home the next home to sell?

Can You Find an Investor to Buy My Property?


I get this question asked to me over and over.  It is a grand idea.  People hear it on the news and from their friends.  Things like, "you know an investor might be interested in that" or "I have a friend that sold 3 houses to a group of investors".  It all sounds so simple right?  Well not so fast.  An investor is just that "an investor".  What does that mean?  It means they are looking for a place to put their money that will give them a return.  Investors generally don't pay market value for a property.  They want to buy it below market value.  They need to buy a property that maybe needs a few repairs that they can get done and return it to the market and move it quickly.  Even in a down market every property will sell for a price.  There are always investors that will buy.  But, a cash buyer or an investor will not give you top dollar for your property.  Many times sellers are insulted as to what an investor would pay.  Is seeking an investor an option for you?  Check with a local realtor and listen to them tell you about the comparable property sales in the area.  Look at each sell and see how long it was on the market.  If it sold really low, it is likely that an investor bought it.  Compare that to yours.  Can you go to that price point?  If so this may be an option for you.  If not remove your personal attachment to the property from the situation and look at your property objectively from a true buyer standpoint.  What would you be willing to pay after seeing the comparables in the area? If you can truly do this your property will sell!!

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